Zest’s Small Works Facility Set to Grow Exponentially

The Zest WEG Group’s first small works facility in Johannesburg enjoyed a flying start in meeting the demand for the supply of smaller starter panels for the OEM market and the end user.

“Zest has always been innovative and astute in identifying needs in the industry,” Louis Meiring, managing director of the Zest WEG Group, explains. “Two years ago we realised that such a facility had the potential to fill a range of needs. Firstly, it is an important value-add to customers who traditionally buy motors and drives from us. We are able to provide tailor made solutions designed for specific purposes – a great improvement on the off-the-shelf products.

“These are backed by our in-house expertise, rigorous quality control and exceptional lead times. Our staff also has the skills to assess application requirements and make recommendations about the most appropriate solution. This can also be done in a modular configuration which is particularly appreciated with repeat orders.

“Our customers enjoy greater flexibility too, because they can then adapt the panels to offer additional features which their customers might require, such as an emergency stop button.”

Meiring emphasises that the secondary advantage of the small works facility is its use as a platform for skills development. “We have set up training programmes and mentor our learners in this practical environment,” he continues.

Most of the products used in the free standing starter panels are from the Zest WEG Group’s own range, including WEG Switchgear, WEG variable speed drives and soft starters that already enjoy a formidable reputation in the market.

So successful has the small works facility model been that Zest has decided to roll it out to its other branches. “This is just one more example of our close awareness of customer needs,” Meiring concludes. “Whether in the large formal market or the emerging sector we make our expertise available to help customers leverage advantages so that they can make their contribution in industry and develop their own companies.”

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