Zest WEG’s MPW25 Circuit Breaker Gains Market Traction

WEG’s MPW25 circuit breaker, available from Zest WEG Group, is gaining rapid traction in the South African market as part of the company’s complete manual motor product range. Combining short circuit and motor overload protection in just one component, the thermo magnetic MPW25 is manufactured by WEG in Brazil to stringent world class quality standards and is attracting increasing attention as a compact solution for electric circuit protection and starting/protection of motors up to 15 kW, 440V.

The 32A-rated WEG MPW25 effectively extends the operating range of the compact motor circuit breaker, providing a competitive, reliable and readily available unit that reduces costs through its ease of installation.

Its high interruption capacity makes it particularly specific in ideal applications with elevated levels of short-circuit current. It assures total protection to both the electric circuit and the motor through thermal and magnetic triggers. The WEG MPW25’s thermal release device is adjustable for protection against overloads and is fitted with a differential mechanism for single-phase sensitivity. Its magnetic release device is fixed and set for tripping at 12 times the rated current of the motor, ensuring protection against short-circuits.

The power circuit of the WEG MPW25 is three-pole and offers options of auxiliary contacts for the main circuit in front or side mounted versions. This circuit-breaker can also be supplied as a compact starter, with a WEG contactor, and integrated into IP55-rated insulated enclosures — with red/yellow lockable rotary handles — for surface mounting. The WEG MPW25 is supported by 45 mm and 55 mm busbar adaptors, indicator lamps and a door-coupling rotary operating mechanism for applications where the WEG MPW25 is installed in larger enclosures.

Operation is rotational and features a trip indication that allows the operator to visualise the status of the circuit breaker — either manual disconnection or trip via a protection mechanism. The three-position rotary ON-TRIP-OFF start handle can be padlocked in the “off” position, ensuring safety during maintenance.

Mounting of the WEG MPW25 is both simple and quick, either by connection on 35 mm DIN rails, or by means of screws through push-in lugs. Designed for operation in the range minus 50°C to plus 80°C, the MPW25 offers IP20 protection (without enclosures) and is mechanically rated (AC-3) for 100,000 cycles.

The WEG MPW series saves panel space and can be used in most motor control applications as part of the greater WEG manual motor range, which is holding its own at the highest level in the industry.

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