Zest WEG Group’s Shaw Controls Successfully Tests Low Voltage Panel Range To The Latest IEC Standard

Shaw Controls, a member of the Zest WEG Group, has announced that it has successfully concluded a programme of product tests on its low voltage range of panels at the SABS-NETFA laboratory. Tests were performed in accordance with the latest IEC protocols, namely IEC 61439-2 Ed 1 / SABS 61439.

“Shaw Controls has recognised a trend in the market whereby clients are requesting 690 V as their primary voltage, and in that regard we have taken the initiative of testing our product range at 690 V. The successful tests demonstrate Shaw Controls’ engineering capability and build quality, which reaffirms our commitment to the industry,” Bevan Richards, Managing Director at Shaw Controls, says.

“The Zest WEG Group as a whole has the management team and overall company structure in place to be able to handle projects of a much larger nature and to provide the customer care needed on multiple projects for different customers, and to do so efficiently and cost effectively,” Louis Meiring, CEO of the Zest WEG Group, says.

It is believed that Shaw Controls is one of the first manufacturers in South Africa to test its products to the latest IE standard at the increased voltage rating of 690 V at 65 kA, which represents “a very high fault level,” Richards points out. “We are certainly at the forefront of testing and compliance in South Africa, which also helps position the Zest WEG Group at the top end of the local market.”

The latest certification not only gives the company a significant advantage in the local market, but boosts the capability of the Zest WEG Group to offer a total solutions approach to its customers.

The following are some of the key tests that were conducted:
• 690 V + 5% 65 kA 1 Sec main copper busbar
• 690 V + 5% 65 kA 1 Sec MCC copper droppers and cable way copper droppers
• 525 V +10% 50 kA 1 Sec main copper busbar
• 525 V + 10% 65 kA 1 Sec MCC copper droppers and cable way copper droppers
• Verification of temperature-rise limits testing with current 2850 A IP3X and 2700 IP4X
• Functional unit conditional short circuit test 50 kA 525 + 10% and 50 kA 690 V + 5%
• Insulation voltage 1000 V AC/50 HZ
• 8 kV impulse withstand voltage
• Clearances and creepage test
• IP42 degree of protection of MCC panels and IP65 for enclosures
• Resistance to corrosion test for indoor and outdoor MCCs / enclosures
• Earth continuity test
• Short circuit withstand strength of the protective circuit
• Power frequency withstand voltage
• Glow wire test
• Panel lifting lugs test
• Mechanical impact test
• Tests as per IEC 61641 / SANS 61641-2008
• Functional unit internal arc test 690 V + 5% 65 kA 300 ms

In 2015 Shaw Controls will embark on the design and establishment of a standalone E-House and container conversion facility. “We are anticipating a 2 000 m2 facility to be able to handle these products, which represents a major extension of the Zest WEG Group’s local manufacturing capability for these products,” Richards says.

Shaw Controls is an electrical engineering specialist with a precise understanding of its products and the requirements of its customers. “Our approach is to project manage production mainly as an electrical project and then to ensure that the mechanical portion is commensurate with the electrics,” Richards says.

“While we are widely known for distributing one of the largest electric motor ranges in the world from WEG, our comprehensive product line up encompasses switchgear, variable speed drives, motor control centres, gensets and renewable energy solutions. We also have three fully fledged manufacturing facilities in South Africa that we are in the process of expanding as we increase our footprint in Africa,” Meiring says.

Looking at current market conditions, Richards adds that there has been a definite uptick in the last quarter. “Our business is very customer focused, which is in keeping with the overall Customer Care Excellence policy of the Zest WEG Group,” Richards concludes.

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