WEG W22 Reduces Carbon Footprint and Boosts Profitability

WEG’s innovative three phase W22 motor, available locally from Zest WEG Group, provides an energy efficient solution for reducing industrial energy consumption.

By cutting down on wastage in specific industrial and mining applications, these energy efficient electric motors not only reduce costs and improve profitability, but also make an important environmental contribution by decreasing the national energy consumption of electric motors.

The potential energy saving when using a WEG W22 motor is assumed to be around 30 to 60%.

High efficiency and low cost of ownership throughout the entire motor lifetime have guided the WEG W22’s development. Innovative improvements, supported by patent and registered design applications, deliver lower noise and vibration, even better reliability with a longer working life, easier maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

Maximum heat dissipation is achieved through the WEG W22 motor’s extended frame area. Heat dissipation is boosted by the quantity and distribution of the fins, as well as the quantity of air delivered due to the innovative cooling system developed using the latest design techniques.

The terminal box can be mounted top, right or left by using an extensor, without having to disassemble the complete motor thereby reducing modification time and reducing stock demand (225 frame size and above). WEG W22 motors have a diagonally split oversized terminal box that provides optimal conditions for operators to access main and accessories terminals.

Solid integrated feet make for increased mechanical rigidity and easier installation. The WEG W22 design integrates the sides of the front and rear feet for higher mechanical stiffness. They are solid for a better distribution of the mechanical thrust imposed by the load.

The WEG W22 50 Hz range achieves reduced noise pressure levels, limited to 80 dB(A) at one metre from the motor, without compromising flexibility; all fans are bi-directional.

The motors are fitted with WISE (WEG Insulation System Evolution) insulation, which allows them to be driven by VSD. The WISE insulation system comprises 200°C enameled wires, enhanced insulation materials and a solvent-free resin.

In the design phase, the WEG W22 lubrication system received special attention, in terms of the grease path in the endshield to the bearing, from the bearing to the outside of the motor and also the bearing caps.

The WEG W22 also introduces the most recent development in shaft sealing — the WSeal® and V-ring, plus a metallic cap. The V-ring receives grease and the metallic cap is fitted. This arrangement stimulates the effect of a labyrinth taconite.

These motors are also supplied with specifically positioned drain holes for draining the condensed water from inside the motor.

Flat efficiency curves maximise energy savings by keeping between 75 and 100% of the load constant.

The WEG W22 range has Standard Efficiency, Premium Efficiency Plus and Top Premium Efficiency designs exceeding IE 1, IE 2 and IE 3 levels defined by IEC 60034-30.

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