WEG VSDs Drive Cost Saving in Pumping Systems

WEG Variable Speed Drives (VSD) offer the agricultural sector the ability to reduce the operating cost on automated water collection systems with a reduction in motor energy consumption when the motor speed is reduced.

In addition, the WEG Variable Speed Drive allows the monitoring of all functionalities of a pumping operation including special functions that will not only save operating costs but will optimise, control and protect the entire irrigation system.

Just as significant is the VSD ability to automatically send commands to the electric motor thereby facilitating optimum control of the pumping installation. This allows greater effectiveness when irrigating.

The WEG CFW 700 frequency inverter or VSD provides accurate speed variation for the electric motor ensuring it operates according to the irrigation system pressure needs (PID), and with the necessary field telemetry it can also take different land inclinations into account.

Another important benefit is the WEG VSD’s ability to detect low pressure indicating leakage in a pipeline. With this early warning from the WEG VSD, end-users can eliminate the need for specialised equipment and be able to take remedial action as soon as possible.

Where water is being pumped from a river to the dam for further irrigation, use of the WEG VSD will allow optimum control of the water level. It will prevent overflow situations, and dry pumping can be set up without the addition of flow sensors.

The WEG VSD can be used to facilitate sleep and wake modes in the pump operation. This facilitates significant cost savings as pumping can then be done on a demand driven basis only.

Where there are multiple pumps in use at the same pump station, it is possible using WEG Pump Genius Software and the WEG CFW11 VSD to automatically alternate motor usage to ensure that each motor/pump combination has equal operation time. This will avoid one pump being subjected to excessive wear and regulate the wear across all the pumps resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership for the installation.

Optimisation of water in the agribusiness undoubtedly improves product quality and production between harvests and allows optimum use of land, and WEG VSDs will assist in achieving this.

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