Compact WEG Smart Relay Offers Greater Flexibility

The modular design of the WEG low voltage electric motor management system offers flexibility by allowing expansion of its functionalities.

Engineered as a plug and play solution, the compact WEG SRW01, with state of the art technology and network communication capabilities, is ideal for applications where space is limited.

Designed for use with power supplies from 24 to 220 V AC/ DC, the WEG SRW01 has a facility, if selected, to monitor voltage up to 690 V AC and measures current from 0.25 A up to 840 A. The reliability and precision achieved with the WEG SRW01 smart relay makes the device suitable for the toughest industrial applications.

Pre-programmed operation modes allow use in several starting and monitoring configurations, and this includes a mode which allows the device to be programmed for an individual application allowing optimum flexibility.

The unit provides LED indication for input and output activations status, operation mode status, power supply status, and alarm status.

The digital input and output functions of the control unit are automatically configured as operation mode is selected. The system will also automatically recognise which protocol is in use.

The digital inputs can be configured to monitor external digital signals. Using this feature, the output contact from an external relay can be connected to the digital input of the smart relay.

Significantly, it is this feature which enables the user to incorporate various protection mechanisms, such as earth leakage and thermal (PTC), in the same relay.

The WEG SRW01 supports a range of communications networks including DeviceNet, Modbus-RTU, Profibus-DP, and Ethernet (2016). The communications modules can be easily exchanged due to the design of the system.

The WEG SRW01 has a USB port for relay monitoring, programming and online back-up through a PC when using WLP software.

Rapid system monitoring and relay parameterisation is done via a Human Machine Interface (HMI) keypad, and the device’s internal memory makes it possible to record up to three parameter settings or user programmes.

The relay incorporates a thermal memory circuit which will maintain the motor thermal image, even in the event of power loss. This handheld keypad allows engineers to link up to 250 WEG SRW01 smart relays offering great flexibility.

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