Additions to WEG MPW Range of Electric Motor Protection Circuit Breakers Expands for Harsh African Operating Environments

The addition of two new models to the WEG MPW range of motor protection circuit breakers will offer customers a broader range from which to select the most appropriate protection for electric motors.

All motor protection circuit breakers in the WEG MPW range are manufactured in accordance with IEC 60947 and UL 508 international standards giving absolute assurance in terms of operational parameters and quality.

These devices offer the major benefit of being compact and modular, which allows space saving within the electrical panel itself. This means that the panel can be smaller or where necessary more components can be included in the panel. Engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions, the WEG MPW range of motor protection circuit breakers are robustly constructed for optimal reliability.

The range facilitates the protection of a wide range of electric motors from 0.16 A up to 100 A. Significantly, the WEG MPW range has both thermal magnetic versions which provide protection against any potential short circuit and overload conditions and magnetic only versions which provide protection against short circuits.

Use of the thermal magnetic device will reduce the amount of components required when manufacturing a motor control centre and this can translate into a significant cost saving.

The magnetic-only version allows the use of electronic overload protection devices which can reduce costs further.

This motor protection circuit breaker is available with a full range of accessories including auxiliary contacts, shunt trips, under voltage releases, door mounting handles and free standing enclosures.

The devices are certified to Type 2 allowing continuous operation until replaced. This is important in a production critical environment.

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