Waste Water Works Biogas to Energy

Water – 2012


Beneficial use of Digester Biogas to create Electrical Energy through a scrubber system, purified and used as the primary fuel to provide electricity back into the client’s network.


Provide a power generation and electrical infrastructure solution, to be incorporated within the overall Biogas to Energy plant design, to facilitate the production of energy from digester biogas. Provide support for the operation and maintenance of the Biogas to Energy Plant.


Suitable Gas generators were selected to provide the required electrical output and in-line with the needed electrical infrastructure requirements. All needed protection and control systems were included for the plant requirements and protection.


Digester Gas, previously being flared (burnt off and thus wasted), was purified to CH4 gas and converted into electrical energy.

Reduction in overall energy demand from the Utility, resulting in cost savings for the client.


With the Biogas to Energy plant, the end-client has the ability to create their own gas and then convert it to power, finally, to be used internally for their own requirements and operations.


  • 3-off Containerised Gas Generators, complete with Exhaust system for Heat Recovery purposes and Gas Analyser System.
  • 1-off 400VAC Low Voltage distribution board, incorporating an MCC for the supply of power to all required field devices.
  • Black start generator set for black start conditions.
  • Medium Voltage distribution board, consisting of Outdoor rated switchgear.
  • 3-off 400/11000V Step-Up Transformers and 1-off 1.6MVA Auxiliary Transformer.
  • Cable racking, trenching and all required MV, LV and Control Cables for plant operation.