TA303 Steam Turbo Generator Set

Pulp and Paper – 2014


The client has identified an opportunity to ensure energy security through the re-commissioning and upgrade of two coal fired boilers and the installation of a third steam turbine. The project consisted of the installation of a new multi-extraction condensing steam turbo generator set and associated equipment to provide steam and power requirements for self-use. Furthermore, surplus electricity could also be exported and sold to external customers.


Steam Turbo Generator to generate up to 48 MW of electricity from the additional high-pressure steam available through operating all boilers at their full load. Condensing steam turbine with one controlled steam extraction for process requirements and three non-controlled extractions for boiler feedwater heating. Complete installation and commissioning services provided by local authorized service team working under OEM supervision. Long term service agreement, including turbo generator set inspections and maintenance in accordance with OEM recommendations.


A reaction steam turbine was selected to maximize the power generation within the different scenarios of operation, taking into consideration the steam demands required by the process and boiler feedwater heating system. We further designed the generator, condenser and auxiliary systems based on the steam and electricity required by the mill.


The turbo generator set can provide steam and electricity required for self-use, enabling the mill to be less dependent of the electricity supplied by the grid.

Production of surplus electricity that can be exported to external customers, generating additional revenue for the client.

The turbo generator set is designed for a minimum 98% operational availability, enabling the mill to generate steam and electricity throughout the year without unplanned interventions for maintenance.


The steam turbo generator set is capable of supplying both process steam produced by the boilers at required pressure and generating electrical energy. The electrical energy can be utilised for both self-consumption as well as be exported to external consumers, when a surplus is available. The equipment can operate 24/7 with a minimum shutdown period for maintenance, thus ensuring energy security for the plant, even during grid power outages.


  • Condensing extraction steam turbine, with control and emergency trip valves
  • Synchronous generator, 57MVA, 11kV, 2 poles, 50Hz
  • Shell and tube condenser with hotwell and condensate pumps
  • Oil system for lubrication and control, including oil tank, pumps, filters and heat exchanger
  • Turbine control and protection panel with governor, dedicated PLC, vibration system, overspeed protection and HMI
  • Generator control, protection and synchronization panel, with energy import/export control
  • Battery set and charger for panels and emergency pump
  • Set of recommended spare parts
  • LP heater with relief and isolating valves
  • Steam sealing system with conditioner steam system
  • Gland steam condenser
  • Acoustic hood for turbine with heat removal systems