280kW 6P 525/1000V B3 355MLIE1 IP55 W22

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Product Overview

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5 Year Guarantee

Class H Insulation
Δ 220-240V or Y 380-415V 50Hz (63 to 100 frame) Δ 380-
415V or Y 660-690V 50Hz (112 to 355 frame)
Δ 460V – 60Hz (112 to 355 frame) or
Δ 525-550V – 50Hz (63 to 355 frame)
Suitable for VSD
Electrically Insulated non-drive end bearing via end shield (≥ 315 frame) Thermistors
01/ phase (225 to 355 frame)
Please refer to the Optional Features and Parts section for information on Optional Features.
Efficiency values are given according to IEC 60034-2-1 they are calculated according to indirect
method with stray load losses determined by measurement.
Paint finish RAL 5009

Additional information

Dimensions 1730 × 1050 × 1320 mm


Pole & RPM



Mount Description

Frame Size


1320mm (H) 1050mm (W)1730mm (L)

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