W22X IE2 Cast Iron Flameproof Motors


  • IP66
  • Class H insulation for 550V
  • Class F insulation for 400V
  • Δ 220-240V or Y 380-415V 50Hz (71 to 100 frame) Δ 380-415V or Y
  • 660-690V 50Hz (112 to 355 frame) or Y 550V (71 to 100 frame)
  • Δ 550V or Y 950V (112 to 355 frame) Temperature class T4
  • Ex db I T4 Mb Ex db IIC
  • T4
  • Thermistors 01/ Phase
  • Suitable for surface and underground High voltage motors available on request
  • Certification: IECEX and local certification IE3 available on request
  • Paint finish Red Munsell 7,5R 4/14
  • TEFC
  • Side terminal box on request
Output Power (kW)
Number of Poles & Synchronous Speed
Voltage (V)
Centrifugal Force
Mounting & Description
Frame Size