Chicken Farm



Anyone within the agricultural sector related to chicken farms, grain and fertilizer storage will know that operating a controlled climate air system can be expensive, with one of the primary factors being the cost of energy. There are ways to reduce costs and achieve savings.


Significant savings can be by leveraging available technology to provide an appropriate electric motor and variable speed drive combination.
Reduce owning and operating costs while providing reliable performance.
Many of these operations consist of keeping an essential controlled temperature and humidity to chickens all year around.
Keeping grain and fertilizer dry and free of water contamination by means of controlled air flow.


The WEG electric motor will consume far less energy without using old methods by means of fan dampers that can be throttled to reduce the output of air volume and/or pressure. If a 10% reduction in operational speed using the VSD is assumed, further savings on electricity bill of 22% to 27% could be achieved.


The same air volume and/or pressure could be achieved using a VSD to reduce the motor speed while simultaneously further reducing the energy absorbed when compared to running the motor direct online from a power source.

WEG motors not only offer maximum ingress protection with a higher winding insulation system to increase motor life expectancy in these higher ambient humidity conditions, and very important to offer high level of bearing seal arrangement.

It was possible to do energy comparisons between running motors continuously at full speed versus controlled speed adjustment at required air flow levels with massive energy savings benefitting the end user.


Much higher savings can be derived by using a WEG CFW 500 VSD in combination with a WEG motors for fan applications.


  • WEG Aluminium 380V motors
  • WEG VSD CFW11 380V
  • WEG VSD CFW500 380V
  • WEG Switch Gear