Graphite Mine

Mining – 2018


The client was in the process of constructing and developing a new mine. Since grid supply was not available, they required a reliable, continuous diesel power supply solution to support their activities.


To provide a 12.5MW (design for 20MW) continuous diesel power plant solution including all services, mechanical and electrical designs, manufacture, supply, delivery, installation, supervision and commissioning.


Working closely with the client, we prepared a detailed power plant design to meet the client requirements. Understanding the client’s energy requirements (both immediate and long-term) was critical to ensure that we developed an efficient and compatible energy solution.


12.5MW continuous-rated diesel power plant, designed for future extension to 20MW (flexibility to accommodate increase in energy demand as mining activities develop in the future).

Fully automated power plant with power management system, providing reliable and efficient energy to the mining activities.


The fully automated 12.5MW continuous-rated diesel power plant distributes electrical energy at 11kV, facilitating efficient generator operation as well as ensuring sufficient power availability by maintaining generator redundancy. Maintenance or inspections can be conducted without compromising on the safety of employees or equipment and always maintains continuity of supply for the mining operation.


  • Seven (7) 2200kW containerised diesel generator sets using 3125kVA 11kV WEG alternators, self-cleaning air filtration systems to pressurise the container and external radiator cooling systems rated for 50⁰C ambient conditions
  • An E-House consisting of a switching room fitted with 13 x medium voltage circuit breakers and a control room to house the power plant SCADA operating system
  • 30 000 litre intermediate fuel tank with a fuel filtering skid and automated controls for fuel filling
  • Bulk oil filling and draining system (new and used oil)
  • 11kV neutral earthing resistor and earth grid system
  • 1450kVA 11/0.4kV auxiliary transformer
  • Lighting and lightning protection
  • All protection and synchronization control relays