7.5MVA Power Plant

Mining – 2019


The client required a complete power generation solution to ensure power availability when national load shedding is implemented. The proposed power plant had to be designed in such a way to allow for future expansion should the mine require more energy. From a synchronisation, control and operational perspective, no interruption in power supply was allowed.


To design, supply, install and commission a 7.5MVA emergency diesel power plant utilising their existing 2 x 1600kVA containerised diesel generator sets and 1 x 2500kVA 550V/11kV step-up transformer. The remaining additional capacity (to reach the total power output required) was added through the use of 4 new generators and 2 new step up transformers (same as the existing equipment to ensure commonality and spare holding optimisation). The energy generated from the emergency power plant was integrated into the 11kV electrical network through the client’s existing medium voltage switchboard. The power plant had to include for the option of synchronisation with the power utility network at any given time. Load contribution from the plant had to be configured and set according to the national load shedding requirement (as stipulated at the time) to ensure optimal running efficiency. The solution is such that it accommodates for potential future power plant expansion and capacity increases.


Through discussions and asking the correct questions, a clear understanding of the client’s requirements was obtained. Following this, a detailed power plant design and calculations were done to illustrate both the efficiency and compatibility of the solution to meet their needs during national load shedding, ensuring continuity of supply at all times.


7.5MVA diesel power plant, designed to operate in conjunction with load shedding conditions, ensuing uninterrupted energy supply to the mining operation.

Fully automated power plant with control and synchronisation system, providing reliable and efficient energy to the mining activities.

Flexibility to accommodate an increase in energy demand as mining activities demand.


The 7.5MVA diesel power plant provides the client with the ability to carry on with all mining activities during national load shedding, which supports continuous production through the reduction in down time. The power plant is designed and built to ensure reliability, maximise energy availability, facilitate ease of maintenance and to promote the safety of personnel and equipment at all times.


  • 4 x containerised 1600kVA @ 550V prime rated diesel generators sets with all controls, protection and 550V synchronization circuit breakers enclosed
  • 2 x 2.5MVA, 11/0.55kV step-up transformers
  • 1 x 11kV, 300A/10sec NER
  • 1 x 11kV Circuit Breaker
  • Cable racking, trenching and all required MV, LV and Control Cables for plant