Zest WEG Group Packages Diverse Portfolio Into Mining Solutions

On display at Zest WEG Group’s large outdoor stand at Electra Mining Africa this year will be not only its growing range of products but its integrated approach that offers customers significant added value in the execution of large projects.

One of the new products being launched at the event which is expected to draw the attention of visitors and customers is the WEG Motor Scan solution. This innovative device facilitates the monitoring of electric motor performance from a mobile phone and will help mines to avoid unplanned downtime.

According to Alastair Gerrard, integrated solutions executive at Zest WEG Group, the group’s entrepreneurial approach to aligning with customer requirements has led to the cost effective packaging of its offerings.

“In today’s mining sector, it is no longer enough to come to the market with a good product,” says Gerrard. “It is increasingly important to partner with customers in the design and delivery of integrated solutions that will enhance their bottom lines and achieve lower cost of ownership.”

The growth of Zest WEG Group’s product portfolio – as well as the increased size of many aspects of its equipment range – will see the company consolidate its exhibition on one large outdoor stand near the show’s main entrance.

“Moving with the trend of tailor-made solutions that leverage off our extensive portfolio, our integrated solutions approach will provide significant benefits to customers. It also strengthens our ability to supply and manage large projects,” he says.

He emphasises the value of early engagement with customers, which facilitates an in-depth understanding of the specific demands of projects. This enables Zest WEG Group to identify where it can contribute added-value offerings, drawing on its diverse product range that includes electric motors, vibrator motors, variable speed drives, switchgear, motor control centres, mini-substations, generator sets, transformers, containerised or and mobile substations and E-houses.

Also, of interest will be WEG’s recent acquisition of steam turbine manufacturing specialist TGM, which has a well-established reference base in the Brazilian market. Together with this, Zest WEG Group is growing its energy generation offering to include solutions in the renewable energy space.

Gerrard highlights the company’s Level 2 B-BBEE status and its extensive local manufacturing capabilities with four standalone facilities, enhancing its procurement value to customers in the mining sector.

WEG Motor Scan is a performance monitoring solution for electric motor installations. This innovative solution is designed to optimise access to information about the motor’s performance and allows data to be extracted and sent to the cloud. The access to real-time information allows preventive actions to be taken, avoiding unscheduled downtime.
Information is collected by the App using either a smart phone or tablet device, in either Android or iOS versions, and is sent to the cloud via Bluetooth or gateway. The stored data can be analysed on the device screen in a dynamic way or in greater depth on the WEG IoT Platform.
WEG Motor Scan will allow the connection of all the sensors in the plant, enable naming and monitoring of as many electric motors as required, analyse data sent to the cloud and synchronise the data through the WEG IoT Platform. But, most importantly, this solution will allow end-users to find their motor from anywhere in the world.

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