Zest WEG Group Keen to Emulate Holding Company’s Winning Formula for Leadership

The Zest WEG Group is keen to emulate the performance of its holding company, leading Brazilian motor and controls manufacturer WEG, which was recently named among the Top Companies for Leaders for 2011.

Initiated in 2001 by human capital consulting and outsourcing solutions leader Hewitt Associates (today Aon Hewitt), Top Companies for Leaders is the world’s most comprehensive longitudinal study of leadership and leadership practices. Recognised for its global scope and research rigour, the study attracts hundreds of companies around the globe that seek outside insights on leader building and how to develop and sustain their leadership pipeline. The study is also focused on hiring, coaching and developing leadership, and rewarding success.

This is the second time that WEG has been recognised in this study — the first time being in 2009. The 2011 study ranked WEG at Number 4 in the Latin American category in recognition of its individual and teamwork efforts in promoting the WEG brand and taking the company’s leadership to global levels of development and success.

“Success in business is becoming increasingly linked to the quality of the company’s leadership,” Louis Meiring, chief executive officer of the Zest WEG Group, says. “It is therefore critical for companies in today’s highly competitive market to know how to develop a team of leaders that will propel the business forward in a vigorous and future-orientated manner.

“Even though we are unique by comparison to WEG in the way we run our business, Zest WEG Group is keen to emulate WEG’s winning formula for leadership development, particularly since we are now part of a global group. Coming off a strong base of leadership skills, this blueprint could open doors to local and international exposure for our leadership team and also attract new leaders to our business — the kind who aspire to an entrepreneurial approach.

“We certainly stand to gain from exposing our leaders to WEG’s leadership principles. This kind of leverage will have positive spinoffs both in the African context and within the WEG Group.”

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