Zest WEG Group Implements Motor Training Workshop

The Zest WEG Group recently implemented a motor training workshop to upskill its own team and to assist its growing customer base.

“We face severe skills shortages in South Africa and it is clear to us that, being the market leader, we can contribute to uplift these skills and assist our customers to understand, operate and maintain complex equipment,” Edson Cristofolini, project manager at Zest WEG Group, says.

“Keeping abreast of the latest developments in technology is important for Zest WEG Group to ensure that this information and the associated critical skills are transferred to end users and to the industry at large. Our training entity is far more than just a product training scenario — programmes are set up to ensure training is applied in a manner that is appropriate for a full understanding of the product, and also to ensure our customers reap the benefits of optimum performance of our products.

“For us, training is a key element of our business and our training activities are centralised through a dedicated in-house facility, able to accommodate 32 people at a time, which is active five days a week under the management of a dedicated training officer.”

The Zest WEG group is an acknowledged leader in the supply of electric motors and drives, motor control panels, generator sets and ancillary products and services.

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