Zest WEG Group Africa First Again – This Time With Extended Product Guarantees

Long gone are the days of being considered a run-of-the-mill OEM. This is the strong message being given to all industries by Zest WEG Group Africa. With WEG Brazil as its parent company, this group has its roots firmly in Africa and its commitment to the continent is without question, especially following the large investments made in 2015 in local manufacturing facilities that will be able to service countries across Africa.

Such is the confidence and level of commitment of Zest WEG Group Africa to its customer base that Louis Meiring, group CEO, announced guarantees have been extended across all WEG products.

“Zest WEG Group Africa is known for leading industry in its thinking and the decision to extend the product guarantees is, we believe, another very important first,” Meiring says. “While the extended guarantee will cover customers for unexpected electrical and/or mechanical failures giving them absolute peace of mind, it is not going to cost them more.”

Meiring says that this was a prime consideration for Zest WEG Group Africa as the organisation is well aware of the additional financial pressures that many of its customers are operating under in the current financial climate. “By extending our product guarantees we are increasing the peace of mind that customers have with WEG products and opening the door for potential customers to examine what we know is an unbelievable value proposition.”

It is quite significant that Zest WEG Group Africa was the first equipment supplier to move from IE2 motors to IEC3 compliant motors, and a key aspect was that that change was introduced at no additional cost to its customers, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.

“Extending product guarantees is aligned with our strategy of forming long term partnerships with customers. Continuous product improvement is ongoing at WEG and indeed at Zest WEG Group Africa’s local manufacturing facilities and the benefit of this must, of necessity, be passed on to our customers allowing them to optimise their operations,” Meiring says.

“We have reviewed the performance of all WEG products over an extended period and are confident that all will meet the guarantee with ease,” Gary Daines, managing director of Zest WEG Electric, says.

Extended guarantees will vary from product to product, but all customers are still assured of the same high level of in-field support for which Zest WEG Group Africa is known.

  • WEG W22 low voltage motors guarantee extended to five years.
  • WEG Variable Speed Drives and Softstarters guarantee extended to two years.
  • Where WEG motor and drive combinations are used, the WEG drives guarantee is extended to three years.
  • WEG Switchgear guarantee extended to three years.
  • WEG transformers guarantee extended to three years.
  • If WEG transformers are acquired with a WEG Service Plan the guarantee is extended to five years.

Meiring says that Zest WEG Group Africa plans to continue its strategy of bringing innovative initiatives to market that will add value to customers’ operations. “Despite being part of a major global corporation, we have not lost the flexibility and responsiveness for which we have always been known,” Meiring concludes.

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