WEG LV Switchgear Offers A Viable Alternative

Buying low voltage switchgear on price alone puts companies at risk of sub-standard products that could jeopardise plant performance and uptime. Zest WEG Group’s low voltage WEG switchgear is steadily being recognised as a viable alternative, offering price competitive SABS-approved products to the South African industrial and domestic markets with 24/7 technical backup across the full range.

“Today we’re in the same league as the traditional major brand switchgear suppliers and what sets us apart in these markets is our culture of service, which is rolled out countrywide through the Zest WEG Group branches and distributors, including the more outlying mining areas,” says Stephen Cook, switchgear manager at Zest WEG Group. “We make it our business to have an intimate understanding of our customers’ switchgear requirements and we pride ourselves on the ability to respond rapidly to technical queries. Since our distributors all carry stock, we’re able to reduce downtime to a minimum.”

The Zest WEG Group first introduced a range of switchgear to the South African market seven years ago and the range progressively expanded to include world renowned WEG switchgear products which have a global presence. In 2006 the company established a dedicated low voltage switchgear division that received an immense boost four years later when WEG acquired Zest, giving the local market direct access to world class products, expertise and solutions. In subsequent years, leveraging WEG’s extensive experience has continued to boost the Zest WEG Group’s switchgear offering, leading to promising growth.

“WEG intends to grow strongly in the African market and, in line with its global strategy of localisation, the group is broadening its investment into its local infrastructure,” Cook adds. “Localisation is also in line with the Zest WEG Group’s BBBEE and localisation strategy that seeks to boost job creation and add value to local communities. This invaluable relationship will take us from strength to strength across our switchgear product line.

“Our own significant investment into obtaining SABS approval for our switchgear range and into training our personnel to identify and recommend the right product for specific customer applications, also gives us a competitive edge. We’ll continue to add to and upgrade our range, driven by product quality and robust aftersales service.”

The Zest WEG Group maintains a large and competitively priced low voltage switchgear stockholding. Once installed at customer operations, these products are serviced at the same level as all Zest WEG Group product lines and enjoy the same technical backup. Switchgear products available off the shelf include contactors, motor protection relays, motor circuit protection breakers, push buttons and indicating lights, field isolator stations, motor starters in either polycarbonate or sheet metal enclosures and other associated products.

A full catalogue of the Zest WEG Group switchgear products is available online through the company’s website at www.zest.co.za. These products are sold out of country wide branches as well as distribution networks. A sales centre at the Linbro Business Park in Sandton, easily accessible from Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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