Variable Speed Drive CFW 701 (HVAC)

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Course Duration: 2 Days

CPD Points: 2.00

This course will concentrate on the WEG CFW 701 HVA

DAY 1:
Introduction and Overview of CFW 701 VSD

The theory of this course covers the following:

  • Basic understanding of a HVAC VSD, as well as the simplicity and layout (external and internal) of the different frame sizes and power ratings which includes the model identification, electrical installation, dynamic braking, Digital and Analog inputs and outputs.
  • Technical specifications – the hardware applicable to this Drive and accessories both factory installed and/ or user installed.
  • Programming – basic instructions by using either keypad or Superdrive will also be discussed with a detailed description of the parameters. We will start with the initial set-up at commissioning then follow on to those parameters most often used in different control modes.
  • Description of the Oriented start-up and Energy Saving settings, followed by special settings which include Fire Mode, Bypass Mode, Dry Pump, Broken Belt Detection, Short Cycle Protection and Filter Maintenance Alarm.

The discussion of the Main PID and the settings complete the theory part.

DAY 2:
Complete Programming of VSDs

  • Demonstration of the Special Control Modes and applicable parameters of HVAC Drives, including comprehensive descriptions and explanations of each of these parameters.
  • User overview of fault finding including full descriptions of Alarms and Faults, possible causes and remedies.
  • Demonstration of the SuperDrive G2 software will be done including instructions on how to setup PID.
  • Practical experience with 12 hands-on exercises.