The Zest WEG Group

The Zest WEG Group is the leading supplier of low and medium voltage electric motors, variable speed drives, soft starters, switchgear, transformers, MCCs, containerised substations, diesel gensets and co-generation and energy solutions, as well as electrical and instrumentation engineering and project management services in Africa. The Group is the South African-based subsidiary of WEG, Brazil, global manufacturer in the electric engineering, power and automation technology areas. Zest WEG Group operates a strategically situated network of branches and distributors, offering before and after sales support as well as parts supply throughout Africa.

EnI Electrical
Established in 1984, EnI Electrical has extensive industry experience and a wide reference base of successfully completed electrical and instrumentation projects. Focused on delivering projects safely, even in the harsh operating conditions found in Africa, EnI Electrical is one of the leading specialist electrical, instrumentation and control systems construction companies in Africa. It offers a complete and comprehensive service.

Generator Set Division
Reliable standby power options guaranteed to ensure optimum uptime of any operation are readily available from the Zest WEG Group. Previously operating as IMS, one of the oldest and largest genset manufacturers in Cape Town, this Zest WEG Group division supplies standard off-the-shelf gensets as well as custom-built, application-specific units. Capacities range from 20 kVA up to 2 500 kVA, and can be increased upwards with multiple synchronised sets. Options include both stationary and portable configurations, all manufactured to stringent quality standards.

Shaw Controls
Shaw Controls has over 30 years’ experience as a manufacturer of quality motor control centres (MCCs), distribution boards, control desks, PLC and instrumentation enclosures, portable and containerised substations, e-houses and various other electrical enclosures. Focused on providing world-class electrical instrumentation and control solutions, Shaw Controls has the necessary skill and expertise to make electrical control panels for all types of applications, incorporating Zest WEG Group products as well as those from leading suppliers in the switchgear industry. All products are assembled in-house by Shaw Controls’ multi-disciplinary team within a strictly controlled quality-accredited environment. Their low voltage range of panels is IEC 61439-2 Ed1/ SABS 61439 certified.

Zest Energy
Zest Energy boasts extensive expertise in energy generation technologies. Whether a single or a combination of power generation solutions, the company services include the supply, manufacture, erection and maintenance of power generation equipment. These range from integrated power plants and co-generation systems to custom-engineered power generation solutions for new or existing mining and industrial companies.

Zest Ghana
The Zest WEG Group has a large installed base of products on mines in the West African region, with Zest Ghana focused on providing customers in the West African region with technical and pre- and post-sales support, as well as parts. This technical support hub maintains a product stockholding commensurate with its customer base in West Africa. Ongoing customer support is supplemented by technical training for customer personnel.

WEG Transformers Africa
WEG Transformers Africa, formerly Hawker Siddeley Africa, is recognised among the pioneers of mini substations. It has become one of the largest manufacturers of mini substations, unit substations and distribution transformers in South Africa, with the capability to design and manufacture the complete range presently in use in the country’s industrial sector. WEG Transformers Africa’s mini substations and unit substations have a range of 100 kVA to 1600 kVA in voltages up to 33 kV and it manufactures transformers up to 10 MVA in its facility in Johannesburg. Larger transformers, up to 315MVA, are sourced from the WEG manufacturing facility in Brazil

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