Synclinorium Project

Mining/Copper & Cobalt – 2019


The expansion of the Synclinorium Shaft at the client’s mine will extend the life of mine by 25 years. This project will also safeguard jobs as well as creating new job opportunities.


Provide the electrical equipment, the EC&I installation and the commissioning of this equipment for WEG Products as listed.


To provide quality products and services that met the client’s needs and expectations.


One point of contact for the Project execution.

Project cost savings were utilised to purchase spares.

Product training was included at no cost.


As the requirements to execute a successful project on the Mopani Mine were known to Zest WEG, with extensive experience in Zambia, this project was executed with minimal risk & disruptions.


  • MV VSD MVW01 36P + Bypass transformer and Switchgear
  • HV Motor for the Ball Mill – 6,5MW 6Pole 6600V, type MGF
  • HV Motor for Regrind Mill – 1200kW 6Pole 6.6kV, type MAF
  • LV MCC’s, 550V
  • LV VSD’s – Heavy Duty CFW11
  • Distribution Transformers – 2,5MVA, 11000V / 550V
  • Minisubs – 500kVA, 11000V / 550V
  • Generators – 1250kVA, 550V
  • LV Motors – W22, 1E3
  • EnI, EC&I Installation and commissioning