State Of The Art WEG SRW01 Smart Relay Protects High Value Motors

The Zest WEG Group is enjoying great success with the WEG SRW01 smart relay, a low voltage electric motor management system with state-of-the-art technology and network communication capabilities. The WEG SRW01 has the necessary functions to protect electric motors, while enabling monitoring and control via communication networks. This is in addition to identifying parameter and status information in real time.

This innovative smart relay can be connected in DeviceNet, Modbus-RTU and Profibus- DP through a communication module that allows the user to change the communication protocol quickly and easily in a way that is automatically recognised by the Smart Relay. Its measurement set creates access to all magnitudes of the electric motor power supply, such as current, voltage, frequency and power factor.

This unit can provide up to ten digital inputs and eight digital outputs. An important feature of the product is the HMI with built-in memory, which allows system monitoring, relay programming and storage of up to three sets of parameters and three user programmes. Easy access to the relay parameters is achieved through the USB port which enables the monitoring and programming of the relay via personal computer with the WLP (WEG Ladder Program) software. This software is available free of charge from the Zest WEG Group.

Other advantages of the SRW01 Smart Relay include enhanced reliability of the protection system and operator safety during operation, supervision and maintenance. This cutting edge technology also reduces the amount of control wiring and motor control hardware usually associated with relays.

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