Shaw Controls Extends Its Product Offering To Encompass Low Voltage And Medium Voltage Applications

Shaw Controls, a company within the Zest WEG Group, has extended its product offering to encompass low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) applications. It manufactures switchboard panels and control systems from 24 V up to 36 000 V (36 kV) for the industrial, mining and infrastructure sectors.

Shaw Controls offers a complete product line from MV switchgear to LV withdrawable Motor Control Centres (MCCs). These locally manufactured products are independently certified in accordance with the IEC 62271-200 and IEC 61439-1/2 standards. According to IEC specifications, LV covers applications up to 690 V, while the MV range is from 1 kV up to 52 kV. In addition, Shaw Controls has recently received ISO 9001 accreditation from Bureau Veritas.

LV switchboard panels range from SC 100, SC 200 to SC 300 models, which can be configured for various applications at different fault levels and current ratings. This gives Shaw Controls the flexibility to offer fit-for-purpose solutions. A recent addition to product range is the CCM 03 ZA withdrawable MCC which will now be manufactured in South Africa.

All products include a mechanical and electrical interlock system to ensure maximum safety, while the construction itself is robust. Switchgear panels are manufactured in bent steel profiles and enclosed on all sides by steel plating. Over-pressure relief devices in the top provide for pressure relief in the event of internal arc. Shield-type MV switchgear have metal divisions separating the compartments.

The general busbar configuration comprises one or more rectangular bars, manufactured from electrolytic copper with tin-plated fittings. The LV compartment is located in the upper front part, which houses the measuring instruments, protection relay, terminals, thermostats and contacts. This is completely isolated from the MV via a steel plate, with its own closable door.

The Zest WEG Group recently announced a significant expansion of Shaw Controls’ manufacturing capabilities to cater for the significantly extended product range and increased demand for its E-Housing solutions. This will include a 2 000 m2 standalone E-House and container conversion facility. Shaw Controls’ E-Houses, manufactured in standalone marine containers, represent a cost effective alternative to traditional containerised solutions.

The expansion is in line with Zest WEG Group’s strategy of extending its manufacturing capability to boost its presence in Africa, which is perceived as a major growth area. The aim is to position the Zest WEG Group as a regional hub of WEG and in so doing position Shaw Controls as the number one panel builder and systems integrator in Africa.

Shaw Controls will also be able to leverage off the Zest WEG Group to offer a total solutions package for its customers’ complete electrical requirements, from switchboard panels and control systems to transformers, switchgear, MCCs, distribution boards, motors and also full installation if need be.

All Shaw Controls LV products have been successfully type tested to the IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61641 standards. The maximum test rating is 690V+5% @ 65 kA.

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