SA company supplies second motors and drives order to DRC mine

Electric motors and drives supplier Zest WEGWEG Group reports that it has supplied a second order of electric motors and drives for a mining project, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the first quarter of this year.

Zest WEG Group African business development manager Quentin Korff mentions that the group’s small works division was contracted by electric and hydraulic winches manufacturer Dymot Engineering to supply the electric equipment, destined for a kibble and stage winder application at the mine, earlier this year.

“Zest WEG Group’s small works division primarily produces smaller starter panels for the original-equipment manufacturer market and the end-user. Most of these starter panels are tailor-made for specific customer requirements and incorporate products from WEG’s own range, including WEG switchgear, WEG variable-speed drives (VSDs) and WEG soft starters,” he notes.

The small works division provides an important value-add to customers who traditionally buy motors and drives from the company. Further, the company’s specialist team provides tailor-made solutions, designed for specific purposes, which is a great improvement on off-the-shelf products. These solutions are supported by Zest WEG Group’s in-house expertise, rigorous quality control and exceptional lead times, states the group.

“The order included a floor standing panel with a WEG CFW09 VSD, rated at 75 kW, with dynamic braking and a full driver desk, complete with a range of WEG LV switchgear for the kibble. Zest WEG Group also supplied a W22 55 kW 400 V electric motor and dual 11 kW motors with one control panel for the stage winder,” Korff adds.

The company (mentions that it) has supplied a similar set of electrical control equipment to Dymot Engineering for the same DRC-based mine last year and the success of this installation led to the second order.

All the equipment has been supplied to underground contractor Bomar Projects, which is establishing the mine’s shaft system.

The first order included, among other electrical items, WEG CFW09 VSDs, 100% braking resistors, a WEG dynamic braking module, moulded-case circuit breakers, contactors, a pilot light and push buttons.

Although the first order also included a separate braking resistor, Korff notes that the difference is that the first winder did not include a power pack, as it is a completely different braking system.

“After receiving the second order from Bomar Projects in early 2013, we again chose to source the electrical control equipment needed from Zest WEG Group, not only for the quality of its products and services but also because our customer wanted this equipment to be supplied by a company capable of supporting the equipment from a nearby base. Zest WEG Group fulfills this requirement through its strategically situated network of branches and distributors throughout Africa, staffed with skilled personnel who can provide technical support and supply parts,” says Dymot Engineering engineering manager Billie Christie.

He says the second order was more technically specific than the first one because it includes a separate braking resistor, rated at 100% of the motor rating. This is a fast winch that will run continuously at 1.5 m/s, moving people and materials.

“Zest WEG Group’s small works team helped us programme the special brake valve involved in this installation and, when we tested the system before shipping it, everything worked perfectly,” highlights Christie.

Korff notes that the supply of the equipment has expanded Zest WEG Group’s product footprint in the DRC; however, the group has been supplying products and services to several companies that operate within the Zambian and DRC Copperbelt for several years.

Zest WEG Group has been active in Africa for several years and its products are being used on most operational mines and plants in Africa. The group currently has registered businesses in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana, with distributors in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, the DRC and Nigeria.

“The distributors have all received comprehensive training on the group’s product range and most of them have visited the group’s facilities, in Brazil, to view the production process first-hand. Further, the group’s strategically placed distributors have the technical capabilities to respond immediately to customers in their areas.

“If they are unable to solve the problem, a specialist from the after-sales team is rapidly deployed from South Africa. These distributors also carry stocks of electric motors and VSDs specific to their local market requirements, enabling a quick response to customer requests,” Korff concludes.

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