New Generation WEG Contactors Save Energy and Space

The new generation of WEG contactors has been engineered to facilitate energy savings as well as the optimisation of space within electric panels. These environmentally friendly devices use only non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

Designed using WEG technology and in-house software modelling programmes, the WEG CWB range of contactors has been engineered to accommodate surge suppressors directly in the device. This is not only a space saving feature, but also allows easy access for maintenance or replacement. Another important feature is that coil replacement can be accomplished without the need for any tools making this a simple and time saving task.

Energy savings are achieved through the low consumption of the coils used in the WEG CWB contactors and these also allow direct switching from PLCs without the need for interface relays. This facilitates both space and cost savings for the end-user.

Developed by WEG’s R&D department in Brazil, all devices in the WEG CWB contactor range meet the IEC 60947 and UL 508 international specifications. The range has been specifically designed to accommodation electric motors up to 18.5 kW at 380/415 V (AC-3).

These contactors are ideal for applications where the majority of the motor starters in an electrical panel are direct online, forward reverse or star delta. The seamless integration between the WEG CWB range of contactors, overload relays and motor protection circuit breakers allows fast and easy assembly of compact starters and protection sets for low voltage motors. These modular devices offer a wide variety of combinations allowing greater flexibility.

Available at competitive pricing from Zest WEG Group, the WEG CWB range of contactors affords customer a high level of flexibility owing to the modular design which will also reduce manufacturing time. It is complemented by a full range of accessories including auxiliary contacts, spare coils and wiring kits.

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