Underground Mine Expansion Project

Mining / Diamonds – 2016


An Underground Expansion project to increase the annual production to 2,4 million carats, by the 2019 financial year end.


Provide the electrical equipment, the EC&I installation and the commissioning of this equipment for:

  • Surface infrastructure
  • Ball & SAG Mills
  • The electrical distribution and motor control centres for the drives


Zest WEG proposed using class leading products and optimised solutions


Reduced TCO

Peace of mind, due to extended product warrantees

Access to the Zest WEG after sales support teams


The project was successfully completed by Zest WEG, which included the electrical design, the manufacture and the site EC&I installation and commissioning activities.


  • 132kV Rated Overhead line
  • HV outdoor substation, 88/6.6kV
    2 x 88kV line bays
    3 x 20MVA Transformers
  • 2 x 3.3kV, 6400kW, MV VSD’s & HV Motors for the Ball & SAG Mills
    2 x 8MVA Transformers, 6.6/(2 x 1.75kV secondaries)
  • 2 x 690V, 1050kW, LV VSD’s & LV Motors for the HPGR’s
    2 x 3MVA Transformers, 6600/690
  • LV VSD’s, 550V
  • LV MCC’s, 550V
  • LV Motors
  • EnI, EC&I Installation and commissioning