Zest WEG Group - Quality

In conjunction with our customer’s need for an ISO 9001 certified supplier and since WEG acquired Zest (process began in June 2010) we have implemented a Quality Management System relative to our business. Zest’s system was audited and we were certified as ISO 9001 compliant on the 8th August 2011. The certification is valid for three years. We are audited by BVQI (Brazilian branch) annually to ensure the system is continually improving and that we are still meeting the standard’s requirements. During our recertification audit in February 2015, Shaw Controls was also certified. Our aim is to have all our subsidiaries compliant with ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 is the “Q” in the SHEQ family - “Q” for Quality. “S” and “H” refer to Safety and Health and need to meet the ISO 18001 certification, while “E” for Environment is governed by ISO 14001. Zest began implementing Health, Safety and Environmental policies and procedures in 2012 and is working toward becoming certified.

Since our Quality Management System is patterned on WEG’s system we have the same Quality Policy throughout the business, that being:

Regulatory, Legislative and Continuous Improvement Initiatives ensure that certification programs meet all international and local requirements.


Zest WEG Group Africa (Pty) Ltd, ZEST WEG Electric and Zest WEG Manufacturing Companies (Shaw Controls and WEG Transformers Africa) are ISO9001:2008 certified.

Product certification for local and international market requirements can be viewed and downloaded as required.