Engineering Optimal Energy Solutions For Africa

Zest WEG Group combines its local manufacturing capability with WEG’s range of world class products to engineer energy solutions for customers around Africa, according to the group’s integrated solutions executive, Alastair Gerrard.

Gerrard also emphasises Zest WEG Group’s extensive network of agents and distributors across the continent, who provide vital insights into local conditions, needs and constraints.

“Our solutions are not off-the-shelf, and are tailor made for individual application requirements,” he says. “Our team spends time gaining an in-depth understanding of what the customer really needs, and what the operational constraints are. In this process, we collaborate with reliable, in-country partners who have local knowledge and experience. This local presence also facilitates quick response times and 24/7 after-sales support.”

Gerrard also emphasises the use of parent company, WEG’s range of motors, variable speed drives and soft starters, as well as its low voltage and medium voltage switchgear. These products are an integral part of the fit-for-purpose solutions, as is Zest WEG Group’s South African manufacturing capability in terms of generator sets, transformers, substations and other mobile energy solutions.

“Operating a local gen set manufacturing facility staffed by experienced engineers allows us the flexibility to package this offering with an engine and alternator combination to suit the customer preference,” he says. Zest WEG Group also offers a standard off-the-shelf range of gen sets.

Forming part of Zest WEG Group’s manufacturing operations in South Africa is WEG Transformers Africa which has two facilities capable of producing transformers up to 45 MVA/132 kV and a range of mini substations up to 33 kV. Also, part of the group is Shaw Controls which is a leading local manufacturer of custom electrical panels, motor control centres (MCCs), containerised electrical solutions and E-houses. He says that E-houses have become popular in Africa as these are pre-assembled and tested in a factory prior to being transported to site by truck.

The focus is on providing integrated solutions in four main areas, says Gerrard, being power generation, electrical infrastructure, mobile energy solutions and group product packages. Power generation options include diesel, gas, steam, hydro and renewable energy generation solutions, while the electrical infrastructure offering ranges from supply and refurbishment of outdoor and indoor substations to the provision of overhead lines.

Mobile energy solutions, which are engineered to meet specific customer and site needs, are popular in the mining industry but are relevant to any application where operations need flexibility when deploying their electrical systems such as gen sets, substations, skid type solutions or circuit breakers.

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