EML Motors Drive Cost Effective Productivity

The current economic climate has forced businesses to find creative ways of reducing their expenditure, without compromising quality. This interesting dilemma has resulted in a mindset shift that encapsulates sourcing alternative products from reliable and well-established suppliers. EML, a division of Zest Electric Motors and part of the Zest WEG Group, provides its customers with a cost effective range of motors for a variety of industries.

There is a real need in industry for businesses to deal with a reputable supplier that offers quality motors with a high level of support. Maximising production and minimising downtime remain predominating factors for industry. EML motors have found great acceptance in industry because of their high levels of uptime when driving plant and equipment.

“EML Motors’ core focus is the supply of a cost-effective range of cast iron electric motors that conform to the major, acceptable quality standards. This range of motors, sourced from a quality certified manufacturer in Nantong, China complies with the European CE mark, SABS-SANS 1804-1&2:2007, Part I: IEC requirements and Part II: Low Voltage Three Phase Standard Motors,” says Gavin Toms, from EML.

“The motors are manufactured in an ISO certified facility that prescribes to stringent quality controls. The resultant products are robust in construction. Manufactured from cast iron, with cast integral feet, they are designed to improve the heat exchange and to provide enough mechanical strength for operation in harsh environments. All motors in the range are rated to
IP 55 in their standard configuration and can also be modified to IP 56 and IP 65 ratings, to facilitate use in environments that dictate this level of ingress protection,” adds Toms.

Quality at work
“These motors are essentially a plug and play solution that offer optimum starting flexibility because of their ability to operate on DOL (direct on line), star delta starters, or VSDs. We offer all the standard configurations: foot mounted, flange mounted, as well as foot/flange mounted. This provides customers with additional flexibility in terms of the application parameters and allows standard motors to be easily modified to fit the specified application configuration,” says Toms.

Toms explains that the EML motor range covers 0.37 kW to 355 kW . Frame sizes 71 to 355ML with motor speeds of 2, 4, 6 or 8 pole up to 220 kW; 2, 4, or 6 Pole up to 315 kW and 2 or 4 Pole up to 355 kW. “All our motors are EFF 2 (IE1) and they are variable speed drive compatible. The terminal box is top mounted on the standard configuration.”

The motors’ polypropylene fans are designed for low noise level, and the motors comply with IEC60034-9 Standard as well as the corresponding sound pressure levels. In addition, EML motors are dynamically balanced with half key and the standard version meets the vibration levels of Grade A (without special vibration requirements) described in IEC 60034-14 Standard. “The efficient cooling provided by these fans ensures low motor temperature rise, which in turn minimises winding losses, thus increasing motor efficiency,” Toms points out.

Customised solutions and support
“We have an extensive footprint throughout South Africa and across our borders. The successful expansion of our customer base can be attributed not only to the quality and reliability of our motors, but also to the personalised service offered by the EML team,” says Toms.

“We place emphasis on developing and nurturing long term relationships with our customers, a fact that is underpinned by the level of support available from our technical team. This round-the-clock sales and technical support offering ensures the swift and expeditious resolution of issues experienced by customers. In some instances these issues can be handled telephonically, while in other instances we send technicians or engineers to the customer’s site to provide assistance,” he continues.

A large facility near Johannesburg offers a substantial stockholding of the full range of EML motors. In addition to this ex stock option, a countrywide network of branches acts as a comprehensive support system for this facility. “Individual customer requirements are catered for by our experienced and knowledgeable team of sales engineers, who are equipped to assess application-specific idiosyncrasies,” Toms concludes.

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