Diamonds Mine Infrastructure Upgrade

Mining – 2018


The customer planned to increase the process plant operational capacity and the existing 88kV rated infrastructure was not suitability positioned for the layout and under rated for the new power requirement.


Based on the layout of the upgraded process plant, various 88kV rated utility overhead power supply lines must be removed and new 132kV rated power supply overhead lines must be erected. The customer also required a redundant, stable and reliable 132kV rated utility switching station (Three (3) incoming lines & two (2) Feeder lines) for the new 132kV rated overhead lines. Further to this, an addition 60MVA 132kV rated main intake substation had to be erected to accommodate the new power demands.


We consulted with the Utility to understand the network capacity, assisted with approvals for the infrastructure changes and upgrades. Through detailed designs a complete turnkey solution which included the below was provided:

  • 1 off 132kV switching station according to all the utility requirements which
    diverted the existing three (3) main power lines to one point and transferred
    power via two (2) new power lines to the mining operation.
  • 2 off 132kV steel structure powerlines with elevated heights to clear all mining
  • 1 off 60MVA (3 x 20MVA) 132kV rated compact substation for the entire
    mining operation.


The new infrastructure design was based on a compact solution which resulted in space saving for the upgrade.

Reliable and redundant power supply with easy inspection, operation and maintenance.

New increased power capacity for any future upgrades.


With the infrastructure upgrade, the client has the required power capacity to run their new mining operation and as well as to accommodate potential future expansions. They also have a new (20 year plus) life expectancy on the infrastructure and equipment, which will reduce any unwanted power outages.


  • 3 x 20MVA 88kV/11kV ONAF WEG Power transformers