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The WEG W22Xd flameproof motor, available from Zest WEG Group, meets worldwide standards for use in hazardous applications including the mining, chemical and oil and gas sectors. The W22Xd motor is certified in line with European ATEX and International IECEx standards.

ATEX/IECEx certified, WEG W22Xd flameproof motors are designed to cope with the rigours and aggressiveness of explosive atmospheres, while delivering the added benefits of high efficiency. Motors available with the IE2 or IE3 energy efficiency rating offer minimised noise, vibration, and low operating temperature for increased reliability and safety.

The WEG W22Xd flameproof electric motor is classified for Group I (mines susceptible to firedamp) and Group II (surface industries), for gases Group IIB and IIC, suitable for use in hazardous area defined as Zone 1 and Zone 2 - Gases and Vapours, and Zone 21 and zone 22 –Combustible or Ignitable Fibres.

The advantage of one motor carrying dual certification for gas and dust facilitates a reduction in inventory costs for users as a common motor frame can be used with different types and sizes of terminal boxes.

Developed in 2002, the initial range of WEG flameproof motors covered the larger power output segment for low, medium and high voltage supplies up to 11 kV. Following the introduction of motors in frame sizes 315 to 500, the range was extended in 2014 to include larger sizes through to a 710 frame.

Complying with the latest editions of IEC/EN 60079 standards, the WEG W22Xd range allows Zest WEG Group to provide a comprehensive range of hazardous area motor products from IEC frame sizes 71 to 710.

Features of the WEG W22Xd 560 to 710 frame design include a stainless steel tube array which provides air ducts allowing both axial and radial flow paths which optimise cooling of the rotor, stator and critical components such as the bearings. The motor is fitted with an aerodynamic fan and cover for efficient air flow with minimum noise.

Designed using finite element analysis (FEA) software, the cooling system on the WEG W22Xd flameproof motor provides outstanding heat dissipation. This reduces thermal stress on the insulating materials facilitating longer life. It also eliminates hot spots by providing a uniform temperature distribution throughout the frame.

The redesigned main terminal box of the WEG W22Xd flameproof motor incorporates fixing bolt housings that provide protection from impact and other environmental damage. This also prevents accumulation of water whilst providing generous space for easy connections.

There are multiple options available for the main power terminal box and accessory terminal boxes for connecting motor protections such as current transformers, surge arrestors or surge capacitors.

The WEG W22Xd flameproof motor is available with two, four, six or eight poles – with higher polarities available on request - in low and high voltage versions and with a range of outputs from 500 kW to 4 500 kW. The frame has a robust welded steel construction and features solid integral feet to minimise vibration, complementing the low noise outputs.

With the WEG W22Xd range, Zest WEG Group has the capability to provide flameproof motor solutions for application in virtually all extreme conditions including those with ambient temperatures from minus 55°C to plus 60°C and altitudes up to 5 000 metre above sea level.

Zest WEG Group’s product line-up includes low and high voltage electric motors, vibrator motors, variable speeds drives, softstarters, power and distribution transformers, MCCs, containerised substations, mini-substations, diesel generator sets, switchgear and co-generation and energy solutions as well as electrical and instrumentation engineering and project management services.

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